Sports an’ Sports-Man-Ship

This course (great for both boys and girls) teaches those important life-lessons that are sometimes missed in the classroom and easier learned though sport.

Leadership. Respect. Teamwork. Positivity.

We will focus on how to treat one another on the field, inside the structure of rules, rather than how many points are scored.


Elements of the class

·       COMUNICATION - How to communicate on and off the field of play.

·       SHARING - Passing& the importance of NOT scoring.

·       THE RULES - Why they’re so important…and what it would be like without them!

·       LOSING- why it’s important and how to do it gracefully.

·       WINNING- why it’s important how to do it gracefully.

·       TEAMWORK - How to be a “teaching & learning” teammate


Structure of the class

·       Part 1 – Warm Up/Stretch

·       Part 2 – Skill building

·       Part 3 – Playing


The Games:

·       Soccer

·       Kickball

·       Football

·       Baseball

·       Capture the Flag

·       Dodge Ball

·       Sports Medley