Lets run and play! Unstructured fun where we bring our bag of tricks and cater to the desires of the parents and the kids. This is a great option for long summer days.


Lets run, play and learn! Does your kid and his or her friends need some extra help with a specific skill in a fun environment? Look no further. AKC Enrichments are designed to be as fun as a play date while providing the opportunity and the environment to improve a desired skill.   Skills that can be learned during enrichments include, but are not limited to, running, throwing a ball, kicking a ball and sportsmanship.  The Amazing Kid Company can do all of this while including FUN!  Added bonus?  Your kid will be off the couch and off the grid with friends! Does it get any better? I. Think. Not. 


Lets run, play, learn and create! Camps are designed to put together play dates and enrichments that span over several days. Imagine...your kid, friends, skill building, fun, amazing time, AKC peep...this is an AKC Camp. Camps are typically a minimum of two days that include numerous amounts of activities including skill building like running, throwing and kicking. What other activities? have a pool? Let's do pool activities! Your kid and friends like cookies?! Let's bake some cookies! Your kid dreams to be in the movie business? A movie will be made during AKC camp! What makes camp so AMAZING is that the fun doesn't end in a few hours. It takes place over several days providing the opportunity for your kid to improve skills, provide new opportunities and HAVE AN AMAZING TIME.