Lets run, play, snap and record it!

The Amazing Kid Company creates amazing scavenger hunts!  Scavenger hunts are great for families, schools, and businesses.  The way it works is anyone participating will break off into teams.  They will come up with a team name,  decorate team shirts and/or cars and then run around with the hunt list trying to collect the most items or engage in the most activities before the hunt comes to an end. THE PRESSURE!!  The hunt list may contain anything from collecting items, snapping pictures and making silly videos as well as solving riddles and puzzles. Our AKC entertainers can escort the teams as they complete their objectives.  Worried that the teams won’t interact? Do not fear, AKC is here! The hunt will be created in a way that requires teams to interact with each other in order to complete tasks. Consider dodgeball games, water balloon toss or a good ole fashion tug-o-war match. The Amazing Kid Company will be certain to develop the hunt to fulfill your desires.

We have four general hunts to choose from:

There Goes the Neighborhood

We create a scavenger hunt in the your neighborhood, we get the neighbors involved and create boundaries in a close vicinity  around the home or business. The kids (or participants) will have a blast as they go around familiar territory trying to solve puzzles and gather items.

The Mall Rat

Do you love the mall? Who doesn’t?! The mall provides a great maze for participants to run and play. We have hunts created for the Grove, the Galleria, and we can also create a hunt for the mall in your town.


The Townie

This one requires vehicles to get around as the boundaries of the hunt extend as far as the end of your town. Go to your local Starbucks to  solve a riddle, run into your local dollar tree and create a silly costume. Laughter will ensue when your kid has to make a goofy proclamation in the town square. If there are certain boundaries that you wish not to exceed, AKC will ensure that the hunt does not surpass your wishes.

The City Slicker

Think National Treasure and the Da Vinci Code. This hunt is perfect for school fundraisers and corporate events. We will create a scavenger hunt for your school or business. This one can accommodate bigger groups. Participants will have to work together to get around the city. Time is of the essence, as participants have to complete the hunt before the time is up.