The origin of The Amazing Kid Company goes back to 1998, when Eric Welch (owner and CEO) and Todd Sangster (co-founder) saw the sad state of kids entertainment and sports. They watched party entertainers talk down to kids, watched groups of kids devour a party entertainer, and cringed while seeing coaches care more about the "sport" than the kids. The two began brainstorming and determined that the way to a kid's attention and affection was not through telling them what to do, but through listening to them!

The philosophy behind the company was born: listening to kids with our ears, AND our hearts. Eric and Todd took action and put their new philosophy to work with the creation of the Party Animals (1998-2001), which turned into Amazing Parties (2001-2009), and ultimately became The Amazing Kid Company. Over the years, several aspects of the company have changed but what remains the same is the philosophy they developed almost 20 years ago. The Amazing Kid Company is not just another kids entertainment company; it is a labor of love. It is our passion to listen to kids, respect them and help giver them back what they already have. The ability to BE AMAZING!!!