Find your inner child and have a blast!

We believe that you can always play, no matter how old you are. We bring the kid inside out!  Whether you're having a few friends over for a game night or planning a large corporate outing or team building, we can help you and your guests have a fun and amazing time. Here are a few examples of how AKC does grown up fun.

AKC Game Night: Think Hollywood Game night meets celebrity name game and Jeopardy all rolled into a fun filled night.  We mix your favorite shows and board games into a smorgasbord of games. There's never a dull moment because the entertainer keeps the flow of the party upbeat and fun.

AKC Big Kid Party: For the adult who is a big kid at heart. Get your friends together at a park or in your backyard. We will set up a game of dodgeball or capture the flag. Want to play flag football? We have all the equipment to help you play a fun game of football. We provide water balloons for a water balloon toss or encourage you to show your might with a game of tug-o-war.

Team-Building and Corporate Events: We have games and activities that will help get your team or organization bonding in a fun and structured way. We have get-to-know-you games, as well as obstacle courses and relay games where teams have to work together to complete tasks.  We have options that are perfect for a company picnic or holiday party. Or do it as a refreshing mid-week break for your hard-working employees.  

Poker Night: Want to have a few people over for a game of Texas Hold Em? We provide the tables, chips, cards and dealers.