Games & Prizes Party
(The AKC Gold Standard)

water ballon toss.jpg
  • Rocket balloons
  • Dr. Dodgeball
  • Treasure hunt
  • Parachute games
  • Relay races
  • Mr. Fox
  • Color Tag
  • Whipped cream eating contest (Optional)
  • Water Balloons Toss/launch (Weather permitting)
  • Various Sports

Food time games: When its times to eat we have a fun and engaging way to get to get the kids to finish their food. 

  • FOOD STORY: Birthday child becomes the main character of a completely improvised story. With different commands that make the kids eat, and drink in a fun and silly way throughout the story.  We even incorporate the parents and siblings.
  • NAME THAT ANIMAL: The entertainer and the kids will act out various types of animals and the kids have to guess the animal. Once they’ve guess the correct animal the entertainer will tell the kids to eat and drink like that animal.
  • BIRTHDAY KID TRIVIA: This is a fun way for the kids to eat while also learning fun facts about the birthday child. The Entertainer will ask various questions about the birthday child, from their favorite color to what super power they would posses.

Cake time: The entertainer wrangle up the kids to sing Happy Birthday. The birthday child gets to pick how he wants his song to be, Regular ole’ Happy Birthday. Cha-cha-cha, Cha-cha- chocolate or the crowd favorite Cha-cha-chicken! After Birthday song the entertainer settle the kids down for cake. We help with the distribution of the cake as well as create a fun way to distribute goodie bags!